The Cursed Flower



The picture was made by me, but the orriginal


Long time ago, there was a girl named Ducha. She lived with her old mother in a small village. Ducha’s mother was very old, yet Ducha never helped her. Ducha always enjoyed spent her time by herself or with her friend. Ducha never cared about what was her mother going through to keep their living. Ducha was selfish and stubborn girl.

One day, Ducha was begging her mother to let her go to the Dream Lawn near the village. Instead of saying ‘yes,’ Ducha’s mother said ‘no’ and asked Ducha to help her cleaned the house. Her mother said, there was an evil witch lived in the Dream Lawn. The witch liked to turn people into anything. That was the reason why Ducha’s mother didn’t let her go to the Dream Lawn. However, Ducha didn’t understand the reason and mad at her mom.

The next day, Ducha’s mother was falling ill. Instead of taking care of her mother, Ducha was playing. Ducha didn’t even care about her mother who kept begging her to get a glass of water. Then, when Ducha felt hungry and wanted to eat, Ducha was really angry because there was no food at all. Ducha was so mad and shouted to her mother, “I wish, I never see you again,” and ran to the Dream Lawn and left her crying mother alone.


When Ducha reached the Dream Lawn, Ducha was amazed by the view of the place. The Dream Lawn was so beautiful. Ducha was enjoying herself picking many beautiful flowers. Suddenly, a loud and powerful voice yelled at her. “How dare you pick my beautiful flowers.” Ducha was startled and trembled. “I hate human, especially human like you. Steal someone else thing without permission,” shouted the witch. Ducha was so afraid of the witch and she couldn’t even move her body.


“Well, to prevent this Dream Lawn from human like you, I will make you into a thing that makes this place hated by people.” Therefore, the witch turned Ducha Into Carrion Flower. With a happy face the witch said, “From your smell, even animal will stay away from you. Now, no one will come to this place ever again.” Without Ducha realizing it, the witch granted her wish. That was to not see her mom again.

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