The Cute Danger Thing

One day, there was tiny little creature that just existed in this world. Her name was Corona. She didn’t know what was the purpose of her life, but she knew she’s so powerful. Corona was so curious about the purpose of her existence, so she approached animals. She sticked to the animals and in an instant the animals fell sick. Corona loughed and asked, “Ha..hahah…, admit it that I am powerful.” All of animals admitted that Corona was so powerful. ⁣⁣
Corona was not satisfied with just animals, so she approached human. She sticked to the human and in an instant the humans fell sick. Again, Corona asked human, “Admit it I am so powerful, you cannot defeat me easily.” But the human didn’t care, the human thought that Corona was not that powerful. Because of that situation, Corona got mad and approached so many people and made those people fell sick. Not one or two people, but many people around the world. ⁣⁣
Nowdays people realize that Corona is so dangerous, so people decide to lock down every village, town, city, and country around the world to try to fight the Corona and prevent Corona from spreading.

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