Ok, usually I talk about movies or anime, but now I am going to talk about a horror story. This is my true experience and it happened several months ago. Stop the chit chat, and let’s start.

           I am a worker who works in an office near a mall. My horror story happened when it was a lunch time. Yeah, I know, it hard to believe right. However, that’s what happened. In that time I decided to go to the mall to find food for lunch. I decided to go by myself because all of my friends brought their lunch. I grabbed my wallet and walked confidently all by myself. Everything seems normal.

            Then, the strange thing happened when I went inside the mall. Could you imagine? A mall that usually has so many securities, but in the time there was no security at all, even one. However, I didn’t think about ‘why no security at all,’ and kept walking. Another strange thing about the situation was, I also didn’t see people at all. I was like walking to the empty building. I just see the seller on their stall but it likes so far away. Even if I try to call them, I am not going to reach them.

            I was walking through the broken flat escalator. Suddenly, I heard ‘tap, tap, tap…,’ small steps. It likes someone is walking behind me. I was turning around to see who it is. What a surprise! No one around. I was like, “Did I imagining thing?” and then kept walking. However, in the short time I heard the same steps again and when I turned around, no one there. After heard for the second time, I stop right in the middle of the escalator. I turned around many time, and I was even looking through my feet, because I thought maybe it was a kid. If she or he was behind me I might not see them. Yes you right, no one around again. I felt weird with the situation but then I decided to keep walking. Then the third time I heard the same steps again, but now I already reached the end of the escalator. The end of escalator is a corner. There is no much light. It likes dreary.

When I stopped right in the corner, I turned around. You know, he was there. He smiled at me, no he was grinning at me. Sorry to say, he had an awful appearance. To tell you the truth I am not sure what outfit that wore by the boy. It because he seemed blur to me. However from what I remember, he had outfit that usually wore by unlucky people or homeless.  I know clearly, the rules of the mall will not allow just any people to go inside the mall’s building.

If you look back to what I said before, you will get that if the boy is human, impossible for him just suddenly stand so close behind me. Where was he when I was looking for him the whole time? I even turned around to look for him twice before.

However, what do you think? Is he another intensity or just a weird human boy?  For me myself, I am not sure which one is he. I keep asking myself, is he human or ghost over and over again.

4 responses to “HE WAS GRINNING AT ME”

  1. I think you have entered a different dimension for a couple of minutes which I had experienced a long time ago.
    How do I know? Because you felt like you were in a different situation that is the opposite as your usual when you entered the Mall. No one around and empty air surrounding you also you were alone at that very moment.
    That time you crossed the gate between the real world and their world just for a couple of seconds, you don’t have any sixth senses, do you? But you brought such. What can I say… Aura (?) (Some people say strong aura is part of the sixth sense) That attracted the gate to open when you have that kind of aura for split seconds (human aura could change for a split second when you feel something odd)
    But you can’t see them, they are who can see you… I don’t think that boy walked behind you, but he walked above you (if there’s any wall or roof above you) I suppose
    That was an experience that could happen to anybody (depends on their aura and time if it was at noon or dawn, also the strength of their energy) but not anybody could see the appearance of the ghoul as you see.

    Or maybe that was just your imagination because you were so hungry and unfocused to your surroundings 🙂

    Sorry for my bad English, still learning. But you know what I am trying to say, don’t you?

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    • I get what you mean. Yeah there is like a wall above me you know another escalator. What you said sound make sense to me, but horribel. Of course I don’t have sixth sense. However, I often hear like wird sound out of nowhere


      • Did you see something above you at that time? I hope you did not
        Did I make you feel horrible after giving you my opinion? I didn’t mean to
        I hope you won’t experience something like that in the future
        It could be worse, maybe they would try to make a contact with you such as knocking, walking, moving things, turn off things.

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      • I didn’t look up above back then. I just focus to look for the source of the sound behind, beside, and under my feet. Is ok. TBH I still curious is he human or not because it’s just like imposibble to me


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