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Now is movie time. This time I would like to talk about a movie that goes on viral recently, that is Tilik. Tilik is a movie that produced by Ravacana Films. This movie was released on 17 August 2020 on Ravacana Films’s YouTube channel. So why this movie is so viral these days? In my opinion, the reasons why this movie is so popular are because of the story of the movie and the talented actresses.

            Well the story of the movie actually just talks about an ordinary thing. It talks about the daily lives of people who live in Bantul, Yogyakara, Indonesia. One day, the chief of the village got sick and many people want to pay her a visit to the hospital. The story line begins when a bunch of mothers went to the hospital by a truck. A very extraordinary way to go the hospital right? One of mothers named Tejo (Bu Tejo) started the conversation. She talked about one of maidens in their village that is Dian. She kept talking about how bad Dian is to others. Bu Tejo was like influencing the other to hate Dian. Because of her, many people also talked bad about the girl named Dian. What makes this movie interesting is, there is a woman named Ning (Yu Ning) who seemed didn’t agree with what Bu Tejo and the other said. She seemed annoyed. Bu Tejo didn’t care about how annoyed Yu Ning is. She kept talking about Dian’s bad habit. Bu Tejo insisted that Dian is a bad girl who has inappropriate job. Bu Tejo also said that Dian likes to flirt with many people’s husband. So, are the rumors about Dian true?

            The story of this movie is like shows us facts. A fact that points us, there are some people out there who like to talk bad about the others, some people who like to show off about what they have, and some people who do not want to learn about what is really happening. They just feel happy as long as they have something to gossiping about. Another thing that makes this movie so interesting is the acting of the actresses. The acting of the actresses looks so real. When I was just watching this movie, I thought the movie was something real that was recorded by netizens. I was quite surprised when I knew it was just a movie. Well done for the actresses.

            However, a thing always has a good and bad point. Before, I kept talking about what make this movie so interesting. Now I am going to talk about what makes this movie less interesting for me, especially for me myself. I would feel so happy if the ending of this movie give me a moral lesson. It likes the movie supposed to show us that all the bad things that Bu Tejo and others talked about Dian are not true. To tell you the truth, I feel little bit disappointed because of the ending. Because of the ending of the movie, now whenever I hear someone talks bad about the other I will think, “Ohh, maybe what she or he talks about are true.” Even though, I don’t know what’s going on exactly.

            Ok, that just my personal opinion. I don’t have such intentions to talk bad about the movie. I acknowledge that ‘Tilik’ is very great movie. Well done for Ravacana Film. If you guys curious about the movie, you can search on YouTube, just type ‘Tilik’ and you will find it. Enjoy watching!


  1. Bu Tedjo banyak ditemukan di sekitar kitaaaaa relateabke banget nih film, makanya keren, apalagi para talentnya bisa eksekusi acting dengan super natural dan menjiwai


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