Hello, it’s a ‘Horror-Believe It or Not’ time again. Now I’m going to tell you about another true horror experience. Again, this horror story is based on my true experience. To tell you the truth, I don’t have sixth sense or anything, but I don’t know why I often hear a strange or weird voice. Especially, when I was in college and stayed in kind of haunted boardinghouse. For your information, in that time, I was not the only person who had horror experiences. It also happened to my friends. Here is the story!

            When I was in college, I had terrible insomnia and often stayed up late. Same with that day. The day when this horror story happened. I had my insomnia and couldn’t sleep at all. I had tried many things and didn’t get any result. Because of that, that night I just watched my favorite anime to kill the time.

Everything was normal and nothing went wrong until 2.45 a.m. The time when my sleepiness was finally coming. I decided to turn off the lamp before went to sleep. I pulled out my quilt and laid down in my bed peacefully. However, when I closed my eyes and about to sleep, suddenly something was shouting at me loudly and angrily from the direction of the door. It was like mad at me. I didn’t remember what word or what did it say, but I do remember clearly that it was a man voice. For your information, my boardinghouse is ‘Only Girl Allowed’ type. After I heard the voice, I opened my eyes and got up right away. I was pretty sure that it was not dream.

How do I know it was not a dream? Let me tell you this, normally when I have nightmare, the way I wake up from my nightmare is just opening my eyes while facing the ceiling (does this go the same for you guys?). However In that time, soon after I heard the shouting voice, I looked at the direction of the door right away. My heart was pounding and my body was trembling. Sweat ran all over my body. I was like, “What was that?”

After that, I turned on the light, looked around, and checked every corner of my room. I found nothing. Soon after what happened, my room looked different and weird. My room that supposed to be bright after I turned on the lamp looked ghostly. I felt like someone there, but I didn’t know. I just prayed to god for at least made whatever it was, disappeared from my room.

Do you know? This horror experience happened after so many others horror experiences that I had been through in my haunted boardinghouse. Because of this horror experience I have been sleeping with keeping the lamp on.  Then, what do you think? Did something was really mad at me back then or it was just a dream? Please write your opinion below. Thank you.  

Note: My dear friends please comment, like, or share this story. Thanks again.

4 responses to “SOMETHING WAS MAD AT ME”

  1. Bukannya ga percaya sih, cuma karena kamu menjelaskan kejadian itu terjadi tepat setelah hampir tertidur lelap, ada istilah ilmiahnya untuk itu.


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