Zombie. Zombie has been being a popular topic since long time ago. Many people like to talk, watch, or write story about zombie. I am no exception. Today I am going to talk about the newest Korean zombie movies. Those are Peninsula and Alive. So, let’s get started.


We will go with Alive first. Alive is a movie that was released in Korea on June 24, 2020. This movie starred by Yoo Ah in (Oh Joon Woo) and Park Shin Hye (Kim Yoo Bin). This movie is distributed by Lotte Entertainment and directed by Cho-Il Hyung.

            The story of this movie begins around a gamer named Oh Joon Woo. He woke up peacefully; get to his game consoles without realizing that his environments have changed into chaotic place.  He got shock when he watched TV about what was happening around him. He realized that he faced a dangerous situation when he saw a police women got bitten by a bunch of strange people. From the TV Oh Joon Woo knew that a strange virus has infected many people and turned them into zombies.

Oh Joon Woo felt desperate. However, whether he likes it or not, he has to struggle with the situation. At least he has to keep himself alive. The problem occurs when his water and foods supplies running out.  He has to find the ways to keep himself survive. He got insane and nearly give up until he met a girl, another survivor, name Kim Yoo Bin. After that, Oh Joon Woo and Kim Woo Bin work together to get out of the problems.

The Things that Make the Movie Interesting

Now we move to the good points of the movie. I am not going to talk about how good or bad the acting of the actors because they are all good. There are several things that make this movie interesting. Those are; first is the development of the characters. This movie has such a clear and consistent development characters. In the beginning, the movie gives us weak and hopeless characters, but then after one and another the characters turned into strong people who fight everything that came to them. Of course this makes the audience feel proud of the characters.

The second thing that makes this movie interesting is the visual of the movie. The movie gives us such a real scene and situation. The movie like only use many real people to act and running around all over the places instead of using CGI effect. That is the reason why this movie successfully makes the audience feel horrified.

              The third interesting point about this movie is the conflict. This movie gives us a different and unique conflict. The conflict of this movie is like begging the audience to solve the problem. It’s not only makes us guess about what will happen next, but also makes us think so hard about the possibility of the problem solutions.

The Things That Make This Movie Less Interesting

It’s a natural thing in this world that something always has a good and bad point. However, I am not going to talk about bad point. Let’s change into something that makes the movie less interesting. For me personally, one thing that makes this movie less interesting is the slow phase of the movie. The movie is too focus on the male lead character and like forgetting the female lead character. This situation makes the audience think that the male lead was the only character of the movie and of course this makes the audience feel bored a moment.


Time for us to talk about another new Korean zombie movie that is Peninsula. Peninsula is a movie that was released in Korea on 15 July 2020. This movie starred by Gang Dong Won (Jung Seok), Lee Jung Hyun (Min Jung), Lee Ree (Jooni), Kwon Hae Hyo (Elder Kim), and the others. This movie is distributed by Next Entertainment and directed by Yeon Sang Ho.

            The story of this movie happens four years letters after the story of the first movie, ‘Train to Busan.’ The story starts from ex-Marine captain, Jung Suk, and two others Korean people who live in Hong Kong. Then, a group of crook approaches him. They asked him to hunt treasures or anything left in Peninsula (Ex-South Korea). Jung Suk and friends have to execute the task during night, because some rumors say zombie got blind at night.

            Jung Suk and friends arrived at Peninsula without found any trouble. Not long after they looked for all over the place, they found a truck that has lots of dollars inside. The problem began when Jung Suk and friends wanted to drive the truck to Incheon, the appointment place. They got attacked by fireworks that awaken some zombies. Then, Jung Suk and friends have to deal with zombie and fireworks attackers. After that, the movie will give us the scene how Jung Suk and friends struggle with the situation.

The Things That Make the Movie Interesting

Several things that make the movie interesting are the action scene, sweet touching moment, and clear problem solving. The movie has so many action scenes, so if you are action movie admirer you will feel satisfied when you watch this movie. The movie just gives us a short gap of time between one action scene and another. The next, this movie gives us one scene that is very touching and even make the audience want to cry. Other than that, this movie also gives us clear solution of the problem.

The Things That Make the Movie Less Interesting

After we talk about how interesting the movie is, now time for us to talk about several things that make the movie less interesting. The first that make the movie less interesting is the problem of the story. The problem of the story is more like focus on the fighting over money and power than fighting on zombie. The zombies here are more like extras than the main problem. To be honest, conflict about fighting over money or power is such a cliché story.

            The next that makes this movie less interesting is the visual that gives us so much CGI effect. The movie like gives us CGI effect most of the time, so it makes the audience feel like watching video game instead watching movie. When you watch this movie you will find CGI effect especially when you see a racing scene. The cars look so unreal.

            Then the thing that makes this movie less interesting is illogic thing. Why I say illogic thing? How come a country or city that has abandoned for four years still have so many infrastructures such as electricity, cars, and the others. When Jung Suk and friends started the abandoned cars they also didn’t find any problem. Normally, the cars that have abandoned for so long will take time even just to start over. Other than that, why the people who live in the abandoned place still have everything that they need. Where did they get it? Because, in Peninsula money is no longer useful. The movie will be good if there are some ahead explanations about this illogical thing.


            Those are the review about Alive and Peninsula. Actually, there is no good or bad movie because bad and good only matter of different preferences. I write this review only to shares my personal opinion about these movies without having such a bad intention. So, have you watched those movies? If so, which one do you like better? Please feel free to share your own thought below.

Note: For me personally. I like Alive better. I want to know your opinion guys, feel free to choose below!

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  1. Each movie has its own taste as well as peoples’ point of view of each movies

    My opinion after watching #Alive was pretty awesome than the Peninsula. I dont like the ending of the Peninsula, they didn’t show the solution of Zombie apocalypse problem (maybe there’ll be sequel in the future).. i agree with you about the Peninsula only show about human dignity and money outside and inside South Korea in Zombie Apocalypse, but it shows us how greedy the human when it comes to their own life. Kill each other, stealing food, build the basecamp, human’s desire and all side of a human being.

    I suggest you to watch Kingdom (it has two series and the other series still suspend due to Corona Virus) it has a great atmosphere of the zombie apocalypse, especially in Joseon era which has a plague disease in South Korea .. and ofcourse i also suggest you to watch The Walking Dead series, the first american tv shows that show how the zombie apocalypse starts, so you will be more understand the story behind the zombie apocalypse. Because each Peninsula and #Alive didn’t show how its started.
    If you have guts to watch human kill each other or some disgusting scene that related to blood .. you have to watch the movies that i suggest to you

    화이팅 !!


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