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Watch out! If you are stepping on the steps don’t count them or something might come to you.

            A reporter was searching for the information about five students who died in abandoned university. Based on the information that she got, the five students played in the bridge near the university to proof a rumor. A rumor that said the bridge is haunted because of a ghost girl. The girl who jumped over to the lake because her boyfriend dumped her.

            The reporter came to the abandoned university only with one cameraman. She checked every single thing that related with the five students. After one and another evidence, the reporter found something fishy that make her more interested in the case.

            This movie was released in Tiongkok on 27 February 2020 and 27 August 2020 in USA and Netflix. The story is written by Keng Ming Chang and Po-Hsiang Ho and directed by Lester Shih. The stars of this movie are Ning Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin and the others.

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Things that make this movie interesting

            This movie is really straight forward. Right after you play this movie, you will see a horrible scene. And after that, as the movie goes on, you will feel like sink into the deep and dark story. I bet, if you are not used to see horror movies you will cover your eyes most of the time. The second thing that makes this movie interesting is the way this movie erased its characters from the story. It’s unique, scary, but looks so real and acceptable.

Things that make this movie less interesting

            The first thing that makes this movie less interesting is the storyline. The movie uses back and forth plot. Therefore, it asks the audience to stay focus while watching the movie. If they are not focus, they will get confused. Then, the second thing that makes the movie less interesting is unclear background story of the female ghost. The movie let the audience curious and keep asking about ‘what happen exactly to the girl so she became that vengeful spirit that haunt the bridge,’ and it makes the audience feel irritated.

            That’s all the review about ‘The Bridge Curse.’ If you are a horror movie fan, this movie is worth watching. Let’s hope for this movie to have the sequel that will clearly explain what actually happened to the female ghost.  

Note: If you want to have a thrilling weekend, try to watch it.

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  1. I still don’t get it .. the ending of the movie


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