‘The Most Terrible Horror Experience That I Ever Had’


Hello, today I am going to tell you about my other true horror experience. However, this time is not only mine but also my two others friends experience. This horror experience happened in my previous office. This happened several years ago. For your information, this happened in the middle of the day.

            This happened around 11 AM. That day my two friends and I were sitting in front of the office or you can call it ‘front desk.’ We were having nice talk, but suddenly we heard like something falling. That was like poster or heavy paper falling with the loud sound. After we heard that sound we were falling silent for a moment and together we check the source of the sound. We went to the room that had the sound before. We found nothing, no poster or any paper falling. Because of that, we went back to the front desk. We try to ignore the sound and we continued our nice conversation. Soon after we ignored the sound, we heard something again. This time we heard a women giggling. Again, we check to the room and we found nothing.

Here is my friend’s statements about this horror experience:

That was Friday, around 11 Am. We are teachers and staff were having conversation in the front desk when suddenly we heard a sound from the class. We just ignored the sound, but it was getting worst. A poster on the table was thrown to the floor. The atmosphere felt terrified, and so different than usual. We were holding each other’s hands and prayed to the God. That was the first horror experience that we encountered in the office, yet they were like really mad at us. That happened around 60 minutes.

Then, we realized something was not right. Because there were only three of us in the office, yet we heard someone else voice. We tried to ignore everything but it was getting worst. We felt the atmosphere was changing. The temperature in the room was getting colder and colder. We were sure, it’s not because of the AC. Along with the changing situation, we heard loud voices. Now, it like so many people around us. We heard noisy kids playing and running around in the hallway, someone making tea in our pantry, and someone went up and down the stairs.

            Three of us felt scared. We didn’t know what to do. All the thing that we did was praying to god while holding each other’s hands. We felt they like very close to us, yet we couldn’t see them. That happened about one hour. The first strange voice that we heard happened around 11 AM, and it ended around 12PM. Believe it or not, in that time we felt terrified. We got goose bumps all over our body. We felt so cold, yet sweaty. We were like freezing. We couldn’t even think properly, so we didn’t even think to run outside the office. 

Here is my friend’s statements about this horror experience:

I felt scared, worried, and weird. There were no wind and other people but there were voice and something falling. I didn’t know what the purpose was. If that was ghost, did they just wanted to scared us? I felt scared and get goose bump whenever I remember that.

Finally, around 12 PM, the strange and noisy voices gradually fading away. The office’s atmosphere also went back to normal. We also felt relive because soon after that, our friends came to the office.

Note: If you were us, what would you do?

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