Preview Two Most Expected Anime Movies in 2020 – Kimi Wa Kanata & Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish

Movie, movie is such an interesting thing to talk about. There is no such a limit topic about movie. You can talk about various genre of movies. Either based on the story genre or based on the graphic genre. However, now I’m only want to talk about two anime movies that been expected by many people. Those are Kimi Wa Kanata and Josee, The Tiger, and The Tiger.

Kimi Wa Kanata

credit is not mine

Actually, if you used to read manga, you will feel familiar with the premise of this story. The story is about a girl name Mio who has a friend that very dear to her. That friend name Arata and of course it’s a boy. Mio has fallen for Arata, but the thing is Mio doesn’t know how to convey her feeling to him. One day, Mio and Arata are fighting over a trivial matter. Meanwhile, Mio feels she has to beg for an apology, and then she decides to meet Arata even though the rain was pouring heavily. Unfortunately, Mio got into a traffic accident on her way to Arata and when she wakes up she was surprised by a mysterious and strange world.

       It sounds interesting, isn’t it? Even though the premise of the story sounds familiar, but as we know every anime movie will definitely give us something different and unique. This movie will be released on this 27 November. This movie is directed and written by Yoshinobu Sena who is famous with his movies Install Pilot, Neko Mo, and and Vampire Holmes. Another thing that makes this anime interesting is the voice characters. This movie has famous Honoka Matsumoto as Mio’s voice and Toshiki Seto as Arata’s voice. Honoka Matsumoto is famous with her movies and dramas, some of her movies and dramas are; You Are the Apple of My Eyes Japan version, After the Rain, Bittersweet, and many more. Meanwhile Toshiki Seto famous with his character in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and in others Kamen Rider.

Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish

  Another new anime movie that will be released this year is Josee, The Tiger, and The Fish. The plot of this story is about a girl name Josee who is stuck in her wheelchair. Usually, Josee spends her days only on reading and painting. Josee is a dreamer who loves to live her life in those two activities. However, when she meets Tsuneo a college student, she decides to face her problem and reality.

      This movie will be released on 25 this December. Koutarou Tamura who is also the director of famous anime series Noragami directs this movie. This director also famous with his part taking in many anime such as Ookami Kodomo No Ame to Yuki, Gosick, Sword Art Online, and many more. Shochiku and Kadokawa will distribute this anime. Besides, the main seiyuu of this are Taishi Nakagawa as Tsuneo and Kaya Kiyohara as Josee. Taishi Nakagawa is a popular actor who famous with his many dramas and movies. Some of his movies are Lies in April, ReLIFE, Rainbow Days, Chibi Maruko Chan a Boy from Italy, and many more. Meanwhile, Kaya Kiyohara famous with her movies My Tomorrow You Yesterday, Day and Night, Strawberry song, and etc.

      Those are two upcoming anime movies. So, which anime movie that you can’t wait for? For me, I can’t wait for both.



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