Long time ago there was a fairy girl name Noite who lived in Faataulaitu a land of magic. She was cheerful and tough girl. Even she was not really smart in socializing, but she found herself friends. She had peaceful and happy life until one day, when the Tuuto days came.

           Tuuto is a process of Fairies to give their soul to the nature, they won’t die but they would live with the nature that they chose. Suddenly, a fairy man approached her. His name is Masi. Masi is a nice and sweet man. Noite felt comfortable to talk and play with Masi. Moreover, since then, those two became close friends and spent the Tuuto days mostly together. They laughed and joked together.

           Their friendship brought one important promise, which was not to fall for each other. Confidently Noite said, “Yes, I would never fall for you Masi, don’t you worry.” She said so because she didn’t know how weak women heart is. They both enjoy their happy friendship together until one new fairy girl came. Her name is Mana. Since she came Masi’s behavior toward Noite was totally different. Masi spent his time with Mana more than with Noite.

           Without even realizing it, Noite felt mad, angry, and jealous toward Masi and Mana. She held all those feeling herself without even telling Masi. Day after day, Noite realized why she felt that way. Turned out she had feeling for Masi. 

           Because Noite cannot hold what she felt anymore, she decided to tell Mashi everything. After knowing everything, somehow the gap between Mashi and Noite was getting bigger and bigger. Mashi rarely spent time with her or even just talk to her. Noite felt sad about what happened to their friendship and She kept blaming herself. She thought everything would be the same if she didn’t have feeling for Mashi.

           Mashi said that he would keep their friendship and let’s everything be the same. However the fact was totally different, everything had changed from the time Noite told everything to him.  Now Mashi always spent the Tuuto days with Mana. They both always together day and night. It was like Noite place was given to Mana by Mashi. And, yeah, that was the truth.

           Before Noite was holding herself to keep stay by Mashi side, even just a friend. However, turned out her heart was weaker than she thought. She still couldn’t bear to see the happy moment of Mashi and Mana. She knew. she shouldn’t do that. She realized no one fault in this case. She cannot control her feeling, so did Mashi. Mashi also of course couldn’t control his heart. He couldn’t stop himself not to fall for Mana. Moreover, Mana is such a beautiful creature. No one can denied her existence.

           Noite felt sad, tired, and exhausted of all this things. The thing that made Noite felt sad was not because Mashi didn’t have same feeling for her, but now their friendship couldn’t be the same anymore. Noite realized everything that had changed definitely couldn’t be the same anymore. Before, she decided to stay by Mashi side because she was afraid to lose Mashi as her friend. But then again, she realized she did lose Mashi on the day she told everything about her feeling. Noite gave up on everything. She gave up on her love and being friend with Mashi. Noite would just let Mashi to decide everything.

           Finally, the final Tuuto day came. The day for every fairy to choose their nature to live with. Back then, Mashi and Noite had the same choice, but now not anymore. Mashi decided to choose what Mana wants. And yeah, Noite went on her own. Alone.


           The owl flies to the top of the tree and hoots. The crickets chirping so loudly. All the human go to their house and hide under their blankets. The air is getting colder and colder. “They are coming.” The night whisper to herself and smile. Soon after that, the cold wind and soft drizzle come in the same time. The wind and the rain seem to be glued to each other. They cannot be separated.

           Again, the night whispers,” You two seem happy and love each other as always.” Then the night goes around covering some part of the planet. She keeps smiling. Even though, the night just by herself she also seems happy and grateful. 

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  1. it is short story, but still has a meaningful message behind it. keep up the good work dear author :3


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