BTS Meals and the Generous ARMY

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There is something amazing that goes viral recently. What is that? It’s BTS meal. Yeap BTS from Bangtan Boys one of most popular boyband in worldwide. So, what does BTS have anything to do with meal? Here is the story:

Recently BTS and McDonald’s, one of popular fast food stores, has made a collaboration. The collaboration is that McDonald’s launched product of food with named BTS Meal. The food was launched on May 9, 2021. This collaboration happens with strong reason behind it. Carolina Kurniadjaja associate director of marketing McDonald’s Indonesia that cited from (11/06/2021) states that, wherever BTS go concert they will buy meals in MCDonald’s. BTS members also have their own favorite meal in McDonald’s. That is one strong reason behind the collaboration.

A BTS meal becomes such a great gift for Army (Fans of BTS). ARMY welcomes the BTS meal with such a big enthusiasm. All ARMY in Indonesia try to buy BTS meal. They all tried to get BTS meal in every McD in Indonesia. Many ARMY also order BTS meal by Gofood or Grabfood (delivery services in Indonesia). That’s why most of McD in Indonesia had crowd of people. This case is leading several McD in Indonesia to close their stand temporary. They did that due to preventing of having crowd of people in this pandemic situation. However, still, many people let themselves stand in line for so long and many hours just to get the BTS meal.

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Not only that, this BTS Meal phenomenon lead the ARMY who are basically generous fans of BTS to act even more generous toward the people who need it. Since McDonald’s released the BTS meal, ARMY has been collecting funds for drivers (Gojek & Grab drivers). They planned to give the funds to the drivers. ARMY appreciates the drivers who are letting themselves to stand in line just to get the BTS meal for them.

Based on the information that cited from (June 11, 2021), Army gets 250 million rupiah just for three days after BTS meal was released. ARMY was collecting funds through Kitabisa institute. They will buy food package for drivers who had been working hard for them all.

What ARMY did, make them have a qualification to get predicate the generous fans. Besides this rising funds is not the first time. Back then, in early June 2020, ARMY in USA gave a voice to #MatchAmillion to collect funds for USA social justice. ARMY also rising funds for Black Lives Matter.

credit picture belongs to the owner

The conclusion is, ARMY and BTS are such a sweet harmony. BTS is a great group who really know how to appreciate their fans, while Army is a bunch of generous fans who not only care about their idol but also society.

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