Review Wish Dragon (2021)

Hello, hello…, it’s been a while. This time, I bring you a review about a cute and a good movie. That is ‘Wish Dragon.’ So, without any further do, let’s get to the point.

            Wish Dragon is a movie that released in January 2021 (China) and June 2021 (International). While in Netflix, this movie was released in June 11, 2021. The director and the writer of this movie is Chris Appelhans. This movie also brings us many famous stars like Jackie Chen, John Cho, Natasha Liu and many more. Not only as a voice actor, Jackie Chen also take a part in the production of the movie. This movie has two official dubbing of languages, those are Chinese and English. This movie is a result of collaboration between Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation.

            Wish Dragon is a movie that tells a story about a simple boy named Din. Din has a best friend named Li Na. Din and Lina have a really good friendship until one day when the separation comes. Due to looking for a better live, Li Na and her father move to a big city and left Din alone. Ten years later, Li Na turn into a famous and beautiful model. While for Din, he just changes from child to adult. Most of all, everything about Din are still the same. Din still lives in the old apartment and the old environments.

            On the separation day, Din and Li Na made a promise to always become best friend forever. That promise keep hanging on Din’s mind and make him want to meet Li Na so bad. However, Li Na is not herself that used to play around with him. Li Na is a famous model and a daughter of a rich business man. While Din, he is just a son of dumpling seller, a student who always skips his class, and a delivery service person.            

The urge to meet Li Na becomes the worst when it close to Li Na’s birthday. Din goes to the roof top where he can find a big banner of Li Na’s beautiful face. He dresses up nicely with his cheap suit. However, everything goes wrong that makes Din feels desperate. He wishes he has a better live so that he can approach Li Na easily. Soon after Din utter his wish, a tea pot behind him creates a noisy sound. Din feels surprised. “What happened to the ugly tea pot that he got from the old man the previous day?” And suddenly, a big giant purple dragon appears. The dragon introduces himself as a wish dragon that can grant 3 wishes to its master.

There are several good points about this movie, those are; first, this movie gives us a good graphic. Second, even though this movie talk about a fantasy creature but it gives us about realistic problem and realistic moral lesson. Besides, this movie also gives us a cute and funny dragon that can make you fall in love with it, soon after you start watching the movie. The last, this movie also give us satisfactory ending that will make the viewer feel happy and satisfied.

            On scale 1 to 10, I give 8, 5 for this movie. In my own opinion this movie is so good and very recommended to everyone. This movie is also good for children since this movie doesn’t have violence scenes. Have you guys watched this movie? What do you think about the movie? Feel free to comment below!

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