Dragon Raja-SEA, One of the Most Popular Games in 2020 That Successfully Makes Anime Lovers Happy

Hello Anime lovers, today I am not going to talk about anime, but I am going to talk about a nice game that has something to do with anime. To tell you the truth, I am a person who doesn’t know much about game because I used to play girly game like cooking game, fashion game, and candies game only. However, now I am going to talk about Dragon Raja from my no expert point of view.

            Dragon Raja is a game that was released on 26 May 2020 in Google Play Store. This game is published by Archosour Game studio from China. If you want to install this game, you have to check on your Android specification. To play this game better for your android to have RAM more than 2GB and 6 GB free space. Android version that works on this game is 5.0 and higher.            

So, why this game is so interesting for an otaku? Here are the several reasons; those are Characters, graphic; open world, event and real time battle, main story, and items and Vehicles. Let’s talk about them one by one.


The first is Characters. This game has six type of characters that you can choose. You can make your character to Blade Master, Gunslinger, Soul Dancer, Assassin, fighter, and Reaper. Every character has its own weapon and position in the game. You can choose which character that meets your need. For your information, you are not only can choose the character but also customize them. You can choose your gender character, hair, face, and skin tones. You also can make part of your character’s body based on your perseverance.

            Except customizing our character, we can also make a friend with the other player. We can give present to each other, pay a visit to each other, or do a thing that we like together. The examples ride the air balloon together, swimming together, or hugging each other. Other than that, we also can be a couple with another player. It is so sweet, isn’t it?

Graphic Pictures

The second thing that makes this game wonderful is the graphic picture. The picture of this game looks so real. When you play this game you will feel like exploring the real world. Besides, this game also gives us the four seasons that also look so real. For me personally I like the rainy day the most. It makes the characters use umbrella and it’s so cute. When we play and the raining is coming, we can feel the feeling of water fall on our face.

Open World

The next is open world. This game provides big open world, which is making the game, have so many places to be explored. You can explore a big city like Tokyo, village, small town, ocean, or big forest. Moreover, you also have your own authority to build your own house and invite your friends to your house party. If you feel lazy to fight the monster or do a mission you can just make your character relax in your house or take a stroll and explore the place that you want.

Event and Real Time Battle

This game has so many events to play. You can choose the event that can be played individually or team. For the team, you can just form a team with the strangers (other players) or with you own club. For the club itself, you have to apply and get the permission from the leader so that you can join their club.

            What so fun about joining a club and making friends in this game is, you can have the real time battle. You can have real time battle with the other players or your own club members. You and your club even can have a duel with the other clubs to fight over ‘which club is stronger.’ All of those events automatically will add EXP and VIT to your character. All of events also will give you coin so that you can use for buying something.         

    Except those main events, you also can develop your own career. This game provide three careers that you can choose, those are open shop (the shop owner), cuisine (provide foods), and superstar. As the superstar, you can go singing and dancing and make yourself go viral.

Main Story

The most interesting part of this game is the main story. I am sure; every otaku will love the main story of this game. The main story of this game is such a sweet, unique, and complex. We will feel like watching action romance anime. Sometime it makes our heart broken, desperate, and excited. Just imagine you watch your favorite anime but then you can take a part in the story and do what you want to do. I know right. It’s so interesting. You can also build your own ship and become shipper for a couple. You can match your male favorite character and your female favorite character. However, one thing that make me sad, we cannot be a couple with the main character of the game. We can only be a couple with the other player.

Item and Vehicles

Other than everything that has mentioned above, the game also has so many items and bonuses. Every day the game will give the player many items that are useful for the player. The example of the item is gem that we can use to upgrade our weapon, skills, and pet. If you are lucky, the game will give you free beautiful outfit for your character.

            The game also gives us a sidekick. Our sidekick in this game is a pet. We just need to feed our pet with an energy that provided by the game, summon the pet, and done. Your pet will become your trustworthy best friend that will follow you everywhere.

            This game also provides the player many vehicles based on the level of the player. The vehicles that you can find in this game are; Motor, Hover Board, Blue Aviation, Market Queen, Tempest, Gattuso Style and the others. You can get those vehicles based on your game level and how lucky are you. If you are lucky you will get an item for crafting a new vehicle.


Those are my non expert review about this game. I cannot say much about the shortfall things of this game, because again I don’t know much about the game. However based on my personal opinion, the things that should be fixed in this game are the lateness of the video game and the video that sometimes choked up. Therefore, those are the reasons why this game so interesting especially for me.


A thing that you have to know before you play with your friends: you and your friend have to register your game account in the same server. Even though you both play this game but you guys are in the different server, you guys will never have an opportunity to play together.

Resources: play.google.com


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