He is The One…

Andrew           : “Done? How was today?”

Althea             : “I feel exhausted and annoyed.”

Andrew           : “What happened, Althea?”

Althea             : “What’s with Althea? You used to call me Pie…”

Andrew           : “Hahaha…, Just feel like to call you Althea tho. So, what’s going on?”

Althea             : “Hmmm…, my boss keeps pestering me for something I didn’t do. You know, I feel like wanna quit this job.”

Andrew           : “Are you sure about that? If you think that is the best I’ll just support you no matter what.”

Althea             : “Yeah, I think I’ll quit this month, and you know the worst thing is I’ve been ordering online taxi for about 15 minutes and no one picks it up yet. Everything is annoying.”

Andrew           : “Do you want me to pick you up?”

Althea             : “Is it ok for you?”

Andrew           : “Yeah, why not. You are my Pie remember.”

Althea             : “Yeah, sure.”

A few minutes latter

Andrew           : “Hey, why don’t you pick up my calls? I almost there tho.”

Althea             : “So sorry, I thought you were my mom. I feel like don’t want to talk to her now.”

Andrew           : “Why? Maybe she’s just worried about you.”

Althea             : “Yeah, I know, but she’s super over protective to me. She keeps saying there is a psychopath wandering around in this town. She’s weird isn’t she?”

Andrew           : “Hahaha…, never heard of it tho. These days so many rumors walking around.”

Althea             : “I know right, but my mom doesn’t understand….”

Andrew           : “Ok, put aside your mom for a while, almost there.”


Althea             : “Where are you? I don’t see your car.”

Andrew           : “I am right under the tree on your right side.”

Althea             : “There is no your car, I just see brown van there.”

Andrew           : “Yeah, that’s me. I drive my uncle’s van because mine is in the garage. You know, I feel like don’t want to come out so, can you just get in the car now.”

Althea             : “Ok, then.”


Andrew           : “Jessi, where is Althea? I couldn’t reach her.”

Althea’s mom: “I am about to call you to ask the same question.”

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  1. Wait..what..Andreww is No..no.. Is there any part 2, please I’m curious.


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