(These anime are really suitable to release your stress on your tight daily activities)

Yeah, I know. Sometimes, we feel bored, exhausted, and want to run away from our activities, but we can’t. Actually we just need something, something to free out our stress. To make it happens, we can do several things such as reading books, watching our favorite TV programs, or watching anime. Moreover, here we are. You just got right website. Here, we have 8 anime that can help you release your stress away.

1.3D Kanojo: Real Girl

In the very first list we have 3D Kanojo. This anime has two seasons. Each season has twelve episodes. The story is about Tsutsui Hikari a boy who is an otaku. Actually he has real friends but he chooses to focus on his otaku life. Someday, a girl name Igarashi Iroha, the most beautiful girl at his school, approached him and said,” Would you be my boyfriend?” And of course he said,”No.” However, Iroha keeps appearing in front of him and for some reasons something strange goes inside Tsutsui’s heart. Finally, after one and another Tsutsui and Iroha become a couple.                        

The story’s line goes around Tsutsui and Iroha. It shows us the development of each character. How they meet an obstacle of their relationship and how they solve it. This story is not only about love story, but also about friendship, how we accept ourselves, and others. This anime is really good to free your stress away, because it has a simple conflict. We don’t need to think so hard when watch this anime. Moreover, another good point about this anime is, the story is successfully dragged the viewer to get into the story and enjoy the story.

2. Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii

On the second list we have Wotaku ni Koi Muzukashii, the story of this anime is also talked about otaku. The story tells about a couple of workers who hide their true self. The couple is Nifuji Hirotaka and Momose Narumi. Nifuji Hirotaka is a handsome man who loves to play game very much. On the other hand, Momose Narumi a girl who is actually Fujoshi or loves to read about boys love very much. This anime also tells us about the cute relationship of their friends, those are Hanako Koyanagi and Tarou Kabakura.  

Watching this anime is like watching something refreshing. Because, there are a lot of simple and funny scene in this anime. If you are an otaku, definitely you can find many things that will make you think, “Owh, that’s so me.”

3. Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai

The third, we have Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai. The anime tells about a boy named Tada Mitsuyoshi who has zero knowledge about love. Someday, when he took a shoot of Sakura’s flower, accidently he met a blonde beautiful girl. The girl named Teresa Wagner that turns out to be his neighbor.

The story centered on those two and their friends. Every episode gives something that makes us want to watch the next episode. Even the story of this anime is not that simple, but this anime is suitable to let your tiredness away. Something that make this anime interesting is every character has their own secret.

4. RikeKoi

The next we have RikeKoi, this anime tells about a man Shinya Yukimura who is    scientist, and Ayame Himoro who is also scientist. One day, Ayame realized that she has fallen for Yukimura and decided to tell her feeling to the person. After Ayame told her feeling to Yukimura, she didn’t get normal reaction like acceptance or rejection. She got unusual reaction instead. Yukimura asked Ayame to work together to find evidence the existence of their love.

This anime is very funny; every scene shows us the stupidity of the characters. They spend their time, energies, and feeling to find something that actually already clears enough exist between them. They think everything is nothing without scientific evidence. Even, love.

5. Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet

Then on the next list, we have Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet. This anime is the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. However, this anime is not talking about kingdom or state. This talks about school instead. The setting of this anime is an academy named Dahlia Academy. In this academy, the students divided into two fraction those are Black Doggy House and White Cats House. The leader of Black Doggy House is Romio Inuzuka and the leader of White Cats House is Juliet Persia. On the surface, those two leaders are always fighting horribly and no one knows that those two are actually couple.

This anime tells how Inuzuka and Persia hide their relationship. They sacrifice their selves just to love each other. The good thing about this anime is many funny characters that will make you lough every time you watch this anime.

6. Nijiiro Days

On the sixth list we have Nijiiro Days, another adorable anime. This anime talks about four high school students; those are Natsuki, Tomoya, Keichi, and Tsuyoshi. They are best friends. Every one of them has their own characteristic. However, they have one thing in common that is, they are looking for love.

This anime tells us how those best friends help each other. How everyone struggle for his love life and how everyone pursue for the girl that they like. The scenes of this anime mostly are at school and about student daily activities. When you watch this anime, you will feel like, “Oh, god the high school time was so good; I want to go back there.” Yes, it’s so nostalgic.

7. Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

This anime tells about a girl named Ao Horie. The girl that seems so calm and quite but actually always thinks about perverted things. It happened because of his father. His father is Mangaka that creates many pervert comics. Even though, now Ao decides to focus on her studies, she cannot avoid her thought about some erotic things. She will see everything in a pervert way. It also happens when a boy named Takumi Kijima said he loves her. Ao thinks that Takumi approached her only wants to do a pervert thing with her.

This anime is also quite funny because the characteristic of Ao. She thinks everyone has perverted motive and always thinks about a pervert thing, but actually she is the one who does.

8. Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara

The last anime, we have Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte Kara. This anime tells about daily life of a married couple. Those are Mizusawa Chisato and Sora Mizusawa. The story centered on how lovey dovey are those two. Mizusawa Chisato is a worker who always looks perfect and professional. However, no one knows that she likes to act spoiled with her husband, Sora. Whenever, Chisato reaches home, she always asks her husband who is ex bartender to make her Sake. Her favorite drink. Of course her husband always grants her wish. No one also knows that whenever Chisato gets drunk she will turn into a cute and lovely woman.

This is really a good anime, but watch out whenever you watch this anime you will have feeling ‘want to get married soon.’ It because the couple of this anime is so cute. Another good point about this anime is every episode of this anime only spends about thirteen minutes. So you will enjoy the good story without even spend much time.

Ok, that’s all the anime that are good to release your stress on your tight daily activities. Give it a try and enjoy watching!

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  1. Keep it up to the writer
    I can easily imagine each of the anime that you narrate
    I hope there will be other various genres of anime or manga for me to flip through


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